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Our contribution

Committed to the Mission:

The institutional aspect of the Cultural Union is to seek to encourage education as a true social cause of inclusion and appreciation of citizenship.
We believe that the mastery of the English language is a differentiated competence for professional qualification, which contributes to the insertion of people in the job market and in the search for better opportunities in life.

Classes take place in the places made available by the entities and are taught by selected volunteers trained by the pedagogical coordination.
To achieve the objectives accurately and with quality, our coordination maintains frequent contact with the partner institution and gives all the necessary pedagogical support to teachers through constant meetings and training, ensuring efficiency.

Since 2006, we have developed Social Responsibility projects with the objective of promoting the inclusion of young people and adults with low family income and implementing new life values.
In partnership with charities and NGOs, we offer access to a quality basic English course, using the same methodology applied in the fundamental courses of the União Cultural.
Since the beginning of the project, more than 6 thousand students have benefited from our courses. The results show us that the mastery of the English language effectively contributes to the expansion of horizons, promotes greater personal satisfaction, raises self-esteem, in addition to positively impacting people's future.

Partner institutions: