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União Proficiency Exams

Proof of Proficiency:

The Cultural Union is recognized as a center of excellence in the teaching of the English language and tradition in the certification of proficiency in the language. The tests are prepared by the pedagogical team of the Cultural Union according to the guidance of the graduate departments of the educational institutions.

Reading Comprehension:

Assesses reading and text comprehension skills, as well as recognizing grammatical and structural points of standard English writing through multiple choice questions.
➥ Duration: 75 minutes
➥ Skill assessed: Reading
➥ Difficulty level: Intermediate (B1)

Reading / Comprehension / Composition:

Assesses the same skills described above and the ability to write in English with the development of a composition or translation / text version.
➥ Duration: 75 to 90 minutes, depending on the study area
➥ Ability assessed: Reading and writing
➥ Difficulty level: Intermediate (B1+)

4 Skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing:

Advanced English proficiency exam based on the four language skills. The evaluation of oral communication is carried out through an interview.
➥ Duration: 120 minutes
➥ HSkills assessed: listening, speaking, reading and writing
➥ Difficulty level: Advanced (C1)

These exams are accepted by:

➥ Educational institutions, national and multinational companies and public institutions.
Note:: Consult the announcement of graduate programs or the company's human resources department to find out if the exam is accepted at the institution.

Ideal for:

➥ Candidates for master's and doctoral programs at several universities in Brazil.
➥ Monitoring of learning in English language teaching programs.
➥ Proof of level of fluency in the English language..

Examination period:

➥ Applied from January to December, twice a week and the result is delivered within 1 hour after the end of the exam.
Validity: 2 years.