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Fale a lingua portuguesa com naturalidade

Portuguese for Foreigners

➥ 2 Modules
Intended for students of all nationalities, the course focusses on oral communication. It contains grammar explanations as well. Additionally, it is an immersion in the Brazilian culture through examples of texts, videos, music, magazines and newspapers.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. ✔ introduce themselves;
  2. ✔ talk about themselves, families and friends;
  3. ✔ talk about what they are doing at the present moment, what they did in the past and plans for the future;
  4. ✔ talk about shopping, food, leisure time and places;
  5. ✔ ask and give information about places like hospitals, hotels, post offices, taxis and restaurants;
  6. ✔ handle social exchanges;
  7. ✔ keep conversation going;
  8. ✔ exchange simple information.

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