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Knowledge of the English language is a basic requirement for admission to postgraduate courses of various educational institutions, because during the course, the student must read and analyze various scientific articles of the community, publish articles in English, participate in international congresses, among other activities.

The corporate world, increasingly competitive and globalized, is concerned with the knowledge and skills of employees, looking for differentials that can meet the most varied strategic needs of companies

Estas são apenas algumas das situações que requerem a comprovação do nível de conhecimento de idiomas por meio de testes padronizados. Ter uma certificação reconhecida pelo mercado que ateste a sua capacidade linguística pode determinar o rumo do seu sucesso, seja acadêmico ou profissional.

The tests applied in the Cultural Union are recognized and widely accepted by several renowned institutions in the Brazilian scenario. The exams aim to assess part or all of the four language skills (listening, conversation, reading and writing) and language components such as vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

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